PDC 带刀片段的硬岩和花岗岩核心钻头

型号: 127#标准


Diverse product line suitable for various fields.
PDC vacuum welding boosts strength, durability,performance
Integrated forming of tungsten carbide alloy steel
Applications of drill bits in various rock layers and scenarios READ NOW
Model **
Type Drill bit
Material Aolly
Size Range **
Thread Type **
Recommended Formation **
Origin HUNAN,China
Packaging Carton or Wooden Box

Best Practices for Using Composite Sheet Drill Bits

1. During normal operations, it is strictly forbidden to suddenly reverse the direction of operation to prevent the detachment of the composite sheet drill bits.
2. Ensure that there are no air leaks in the main airway of the air compressor during normal operations to maintain sufficient airflow and pressure, thereby extending the life of the diamond composite sheet drill bits.
3. When using a new composite sheet drill bit for the first time, operate at low speed for half an hour for running-in before progressively transitioning to normal usage.
4. In adverse geological conditions, reduce the axial pressure and rotation speed to prevent drill bit fracture.
5. During normal drilling operations, if it becomes necessary to change the drill bit midway, thoroughly check the borehole for debris. Only proceed with a new composite sheet drill bit if the borehole is clean.
6. To ensure stable and normal operation of the drill bit, replace the stabilizer regularly.
Pay attention to the cleanliness of the drilling area when using a new composite sheet drill bit for the first time to prevent debris from affecting
7. normal operation. Before replacing with a new drill bit, carefully check that the threads and teeth are intact and gently push to test if there are any issues.
8. Ensure that the inside is dust-free and the air outlet is clear, the threads are lubricated, and after connecting the drill bit with lifting and rotation, you may proceed to use it.
9. It is strictly prohibited to use bent drill rods to avoid uneven stress on the drill bit, which could accelerate damage and affect the normal usage time.
10. Choose different drill bits and operation methods based on different situations.
11. Before descending the well with a composite sheet drill bit, carefully inspect all parts to ensure there are no issues before beginning to use the drill bit.


地层分类/名称 代表岩层 理论钻孔速度/推荐拔出长度 推荐钻头
1 级(松散土壤) 次生黄土、次生红石、软砂无砾石和角砾石、硅藻土 15米/小时,15米/小时 合金钻头、小齿复合钻头、普通复合钻头
第 2 级(松散岩石) Huangshi/Hongshi/Peaty Clay/Sandy Soil/Kaolin Type 8M/小时,2.4M/人 合金钻头、小齿复合钻头、普通复合钻头
第 3 级(轻摇滚) 强风化页岩/板岩/放牧岩/片岩/微胶结砂层 6M/小时,2M/人 普通复合钻头、三角复合钻头、面包形复合钻头、刀片形复合钻头
第四级(略微柔和的摇滚) 页岩、砂页岩、油页岩、碳质页岩、钙质页岩、砂页岩夹层、泥质灰岩 5米/小时,1.7米/小时 普通复合钻头、三角复合钻头、面包形复合钻头、刀片形复合钻头
5 级(略带硬摇滚) 砾石层、砾石层、塌陷层泥质板岩、绢云母绿泥石绿岩板岩、片岩、石灰岩、大理石 3米/小时,11.50米/小时 普通复合钻头、三角复合钻头、面包形复合钻头、刀片形复合钻头
6-7 级(中硬摇滚) 绿泥石、云母、板岩、千木岩、片岩、硅化灰岩、方解石 2M/h,1.3M/P-1.1M/P 刃形复合钻头、强化复合钻头、盔齿复合钻头、高档电镀金刚石钻头
8-9 级(硬摇滚) 硅化云母岩、片麻岩、玄武岩、闪长岩、辉石岩、石英鞍山斑岩 1.2M/h, 0.3M/P-0.65M/P 加厚复合钻头、刃形复合钻头、盔齿复合钻头、常规电镀金刚石钻头、热稳定聚晶金刚石(TSP)钻头
10-11 级(极硬摇滚) 花岗岩、花岗闪长岩、片麻岩、流纹岩、石英岩 0.8米/小时, 0.5米/磅-0.32米/磅 本体烧结钻头、低度电镀金刚石钻头、热稳定聚晶金刚石(TSP)钻头。
12 级(极硬摇滚) 石英岩、碧玉、角页岩、刚玉岩、石英、燧石、碧玉 0.3米/小时,0.16米/分钟 本体烧结钻头、低度电镀金刚石钻头、热稳定聚晶金刚石(TSP)钻头。