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Diamond Composite Core-Drilling Bit for Easy Advancement

05 Jun 2024

[Utility Model] Diamond composite sheet core-drilling bit for easy advancement

Authorization Announcement Number:CN207728312U
Authorization Announcement Date:2018.08.14
Application Number:2017215725898
Application Date:2017.11.22
Patentee:Qidong County Fengsu Drilling Tools Co., Ltd.
Inventor:Li XiaohuanZou ChaoLi Zhongyong
Address:No. 178, Nanshan Road, Hongqiao Town, Qidong County, Hengyang City, Hunan Province 421600
Classification Number:E21B10/48(2006.01)I

The utility model discloses a diamond composite sheet core-drilling bit for easy advancement, including a steel body and cutting teeth. The steel body is tubular, with one end as the connection end for drilling equipment and the other end as the connection end for the cutting teeth. There are multiple cutting teeth, uniformly arranged in a ring and welded on one end surface of the steel body; the cutting surface of the cutting teeth ends is fan-shaped. The cutting teeth are columnar with a radial cross-section in a fan shape, their arc surfaces solidly connected to the end face of the steel body at the cutting teeth connection end, with cutting edges at the junction of two planes on the side wall. The fan shape is a closed figure formed by an arc and two straight lines. Due to the altered shape of the cutting teeth, this core-drilling bit has reduced resistance on its working surface (i.e., cutting surface), significantly increasing the advancement speed.

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