How to Order

How can I place an order quickly?
You can visit our official website to learn about products, choose the drill bit model you need, and then contact our customer service in various ways for more accurate ordering.
Can I customize the drill bit according to drilling requirements?
Absolutely, we provide full customization services. Just provide your detailed drilling requirements and specifications, and our experts will design a drill bit specifically for you.
What are the payment options?
We accept a variety of payment methods, including but not limited to credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers to accommodate customers from different countries and regions.

Drill bit size and type

 What is the standard for measuring the size of a drill bit?
Please use a digital caliper to measure the inner and outer diameters of the drill bit. Contact our technical personnel during this step to get a more accurate measurement.
How to choose the right type and size of drill bit?
The choice of drill bit type should consider the depth of drilling and the hardness of the stratum. Our technical team can provide professional advice; we have detailed data on drilling all types of strata. Contact us to provide free technical guidance.
Do you offer size replacement services?
Due to the specificity of drill bit products, we do not offer replacement services if there is no quality issue. Please make sure the size you need meets your requirements before ordering.

Industry Advantages and Dealer Policies

What products does your company have advantages in the industry?
Our PDC drill bits are very cost-effective and hold multiple patent technologies. They are competitively priced.
What policy support does your company offer to dealers?
We are actively recruiting dealers globally and offer a series of policy supports to joined dealers, including preferential wholesale prices, technical support for market development, and special discounts on initial orders.
How does your company ensure the technical and market competitiveness of dealers?
We provide comprehensive technical guidance and marketing support to dealers, including regular product training, market trend analysis, and marketing strategy guidance to ensure that dealers can effectively promote and sell products.

Transportation and After-Sales

How are your products packaged and transported?
All products are packaged in wooden boxes and crates, shipped globally through reliable logistics partners, ensuring safe and timely delivery.
What to do if there are problems with the product received?
If there are any quality issues with the products upon receipt, we offer a return or exchange service within 30 days and cover the related shipping costs.
How to get repair and technical support?
For quality-related repairs or technical support, please contact our after-sales service team. We provide comprehensive after-sales services including repair and technical assistance.