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Diamond Composite Drill Bit with Bend-Resistant Concave-Convex Lip

04 Apr 2024

[Invention Announcement] A diamond composite drill bit with a concave-convex lip surface resistant to bending

Application Publication Number:CN112065285A
Application Publication Date:2020.12.11
Application Number:2020108099190
Application Date:2020.08.13
Applicant:Qidong County Fengsu Drilling Tools Co., Ltd.
Inventors:Li XiaohuanLi Zhongyong; Peng Shuliang
Address:No. 101 Baihe Group, Baijia Village, Baihe Street Office, Qidong County, Hengyang City, Hunan Province 421600
Classification Number:E21B10/46(2006.01)I;

The invention pertains to the field of diamond composite drill bit technology and discloses a diamond composite drill bit with a concave-convex lip surface resistant to bending. The drill rod is sleeved with a heat dissipation component, and its lower surface has a groove with a threaded rod installed inside. The bottom end of the threaded rod is fixedly connected to a bolt head. The drill rod also has a guide groove communicating with the groove, housing a guide rod body. The heat dissipation component enhances the cooling efficiency of the drill rod, allowing rapid cooling and reinforcing the rod's exterior to increase overall strength, reducing the likelihood of bending. By rotating the bolt head and threaded rod, under the action of the guide rod and groove, the drill rod and drilling seat can move relative to each other or oppositely, facilitating adjustment of the drill bit's working length, thus enhancing its applicability.

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