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Diamond Drill Bit Production: Advanced Electroplating Device

15 Apr 2024

[Invention Announcement] A diamond drill bit production electroplating device

Application Publication Number:CN112176382A
Application Publication Date:2021.01.05
Application Number:2020109771471
Application Date:2020.09.17
Applicant:Qidong County Fengsu Drilling Tools Co., Ltd.
Inventors:Li XiaohuanZou ChaoLi Zhongyong; Chen Peng; Chen Shuncheng
Address:No. 101 Baihe Group, Baijia Village, Baihe Street Office, Qidong County, Hengyang City, Hunan Province 421600
Classification Number:C25D15/00(2006.01)I;

The invention provides a diamond drill bit production electroplating device, comprising a baseplate with an outer barrel set on it, within which is an electroplating barrel. The electroplating barrel contains a circular first turntable that is slidably connected to the inner wall of the barrel. The first turntable’s bottom midpoint is connected to a shaft that passes through the bottom of the electroplating barrel and connects to the midpoint of an electric turntable. The electric turntable is connected to a fixed disc housed in the first groove of the upper base. The lower surface of the upper base is equipped with multiple edge grooves, under which are pressure springs. The pressure springs are connected at both ends to pressure seats, which in turn are connected to the upper surface of the lower base and the inner surface of the edge grooves, symmetrically arranged. The configuration of the lower base, edge grooves, pressure springs, pressure seats, and upper base provides a buffering capacity during use, relieving force through the pressure springs to avoid rigid collisions between the upper and lower bases, thereby indirectly ensuring the longevity of the device.

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